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    Reduced Price on Training Solution

    Jan 30 2017

    Until May 11th, 2017, Locate Management is offering the following discounted price on those taking the full 3-step UFL Certificate Program!

    Locate Management Training Programs adheres to the Underground Facility Locator Competency Cycle, which consists of three stages:

    1. Knowledge development (preferably industry specific) course(s),
    2. Industry specific field training (hands-on, OJT and practical), and
    3. Industry specific final assessment (verification of knowledge and skills).

    The Underground Facility Locator's Field Task Competency Manual (UFL Manual) represents the third and final stage in the UFL Competency Cycle. The competency cycle and the manual is endorsed and published by the Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors (CAPULC).


    Step 11: Complete a Line Locator knowledge course(s) - $250.00 per course

    Step 22: Attend a 2-Day Locator Field training session - $500.00

    Step 33: Initial Assessment(s), utilizing the UFL Manual 4 - $50.00


    • Edmonton, AB - April 26 & 27, 2017  
    • Estevan, SK - May 11 & 12, 2017  

    Registration Form for offline registration.

    This program qualifies for the Canada Job Grant.

    For any issues please call 844-568-7246 or email: info@locatemanagement.com 

    1 Step 1 must be completed before completing step 2.
    2 Step 2 training location must be selected upon registration. Hotel and meals not included. PPE must be worn.
    3 Step 3 is completed throughout the 2-days of field training. Students demonstrate tasks and procedures and the instructor signs-off in the student's manual upon completion.
    4 Step 3 each student receives a copy of the UFL manual and is assigned a unique UFL # that is tracked.

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