Underground Facility Locator
    (UFL) Certificate Program
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    UFL Competency Cycle consists of three stages:
    1. Knowledge Development (TALL, PALL, UALL) online course
    2. Two-Day Locator Field Training
    3. Initial Assessment(s) utilizing the Underground Facility Locator Manual

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  • New Fall Promotion

    Until October 25th, Locate Management is offering the following discounted price on those taking the full 3-step UFL Certificate Program.
  • Gas Distribution Infrastructure Online Course Released


    Locate Management is pleased to announce the availability of our Gas Distribution Infrastructure course.  This course covers all aspects of the Gas Distribution Infrastructure from Transmission pipeline to private facilities.  



    Locate Management announced the release of Version 2.0 of the UFL Undeground Facility Locator's Field Task Competency Manual at the 3rd Annual Canadian Common Ground Alliance Damage Prevention Symposium, in Montreal, Quebec. This new robust version builds on Version 1.0 by adding new section "Locating Fundamentals and Facility Infrastructure" and updating many of the images which add value for the Underground Facility Locator.

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Locate Management, delivers E-Learning to the locating and ground disturbance (excavation) industries. We also provide Locator field training, field assessment, and locator training needs assessment services.

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